On this new academic year we are inaugurating our seminary blog. We hope that you find our content filled with quality. Our seminarians and staff will be working hard, hoping that our work may render glory to our Lord and edify the faith of our readers. 

We are launching our first series of posts about the Art of St. Mary's seminary. If you have ever visited our campus, you have witnessed the beauty that surrounds the environment of a seminarian living here. It is our desire to communicate some of this beauty to you, as you receive the content of our posts. 

We have selected many beautiful art works and we will meditate on them to draw the theology they communicate to the seminary environment. Each piece of authentic art communicates divine realities and point to something greater than itself. This is because of the sacramental character of the sacred art possesses in itself. 

Thank you for reading, and please share it with your friends. Welcome to our blog!

-Media Team at St. Mary's seminary


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