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Altar Flowers: A Beautiful Offering to God

In our Spirituality class this semester, we read some of St Terese of Lisieux’s book, The Story of a Soul. Everyone knows her as “The Little Flower,” because she saw herself as Jesus’ little white flower and she speaks of nature, gardens, and all sorts of flowers often. St Terese says, “[The Lord] opened the book of nature before me, I saw that every flower He has created has a beauty of its own.” (Ch 1, par.4 ) Reading this, it occurred to me that arranging the flowers for the altar has really helped me appreciate this statement! To prepare the altar flowers, I go to a large wholesale flower distributor, where they have a huge walk-in cooler with hundreds of flowers, greenery, and other plants. I usually buy three different kinds of flowers and two types of green, leafy “filler” plants. While the store has a huge selection, it is not the whole “book of nature.” Still, it can be overwhelming to choose only a couple varieties when there are so many amazing flowers available. Back at the …

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