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St. Francis: Lover Of God, Lover Of Nature

This statue of St. Francis made of stone can be found in the lawn between the Nold Education building, the Benedict XVI dormitory and the Beran Library. St. Francis is depicted in deep thinking as he contemplates the Lord through creation. He is carrying a bird with his hands and making the shape of a triangle with his fingers. We find another bird on his right shoulder. His eyes are not seeing the creating world but rather they seem to be contemplating something out of this world. He is wearing the traditional Franciscan habit with the cord and its three knots. What does all this mean?
Francis, an Italian monk from Assisi lived in the 12th century. His life here on earth was extraordinary in many ways: from living a life of extreme poverty to receiving the stigmata (marks of the wounds of Christ) in his body. He is well known for listening Jesus’ voice telling him: “Francis, Francis, go and repair My house which, as you can see, is falling into ruins.” He also founded the Franciscan O…

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